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Goodnestone Park

The Manor House

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Goodnestone Park

Bonnington Cottage

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12 luxurious bedrooms

Goodnestone Park has 12 luxurious bedrooms, sleeping up to 24. Most of these bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms, and they all have wonderful views of the surrounding gardens.

Perhaps most notable is the magnificent FitzWalter Room, the former bedroom of Lady FitzWalter. The room pays homage to Lady FitzWalter’s decorative tastes, with floral Colefax and Fowler wallpaper, a silk canopy and ornate gilded mirrors. Guests in this room will also enjoy splendid views of the east-facing box-hedge parterre gardens. It has its own ensuite with a standalone bath and walk-in shower.

FitzWalter Rm

The Fitzwalter Room

This former room of Lady FitzWalter is a gloriously luxurious room with its lavish chaise longue and settees and the super king-size bed with regal silk canopy made from Colefax and Fowler silk, this really is the masterpiece of the mansion.

Guests in this room can enjoy the glorious views over the east-facing labyrinthine box-hedge parterre. This room has its own en suite with a standalone bath and walk-in shower with further spectacular views over the carefully cultivated gardens.

Effie's Rm

Effie's Room

This room is named after the late Lady FitzWalter, Margaret Deedes’ former nanny, Effie. Lady FitzWalter was the mother of the current Lord FitzWalter, Julian Brook Plumptre. Effie, who lived to over the age of 100, held a special place in Lady FitzWalter’s life.

The room is one steeped in the history of the Goodnestone family ancestry, with floral patterns, elaborate paintings and portraits aligning the walls reminiscent of the stately home back in its day. This room also features a sizeable en suite with a bath/shower.

William's Rm

William's Room

This room is named after William Plumptre, the third son of the 21st Baron FitzWalter, FitzWalter Brook Plumptre. The colours in the room with its warm shades of yellow, but notably the blue and white reflect the Japanese pottery tradition for which William Plumptre has become well known having set up his first pottery in Hartsop in 1987

The elevated en suite bathroom provides an increasingly panoramic view of the gardens including the labyrinthine east-facing gardens.

The Green Rm

The Green Room

The Green Room’s name reflects its verdant decoration. A room of life and vibrancy, the floral patterns that adorn the walls, lampshades and irresistibly comfortable armchair are reminiscent of the beautiful extensive greenery and gardens that surround the house, reflected in the Cole & Son wallpaper.

The Green Room also features an en suite decorated in tranquil whites and greys that comprises a bath/shower and historical reminders of the house’s past in an antique wooden table. The suite is reached through its own private corridor.

Henry's Rm

Henry's Room

This room is named after Henry Plumptre, the second eldest son of the 21st Baron FitzWalter, FitzWalter Brook Plumptre. Henry’s love of horse racing and breeding that led him to his equestrian career is echoed in his former bedroom through the paintings of horses aligning the walls.

The dark blue and gold theme in the Hague Blue Farrow & Ball paint on the walls and elaborate modern wall-art of the bedroom reflects both his successes and the colours of the establishments he has brought glory to. This room is situated next door to a bathroom with a bath-shower.

George's Rm

George's Room

This room was once home to George Plumptre, the third son of the 21st Baron FitzWalter and now renowned horticulturalist. In 2011, George Plumptre became CEO of the National Gardens Scheme, a scheme that opens gardens to the wider public as a means of raising money to be donated to charity.

Fragments of family stories and history are ubiquitous here, in the Japanese pottery made by another of the 21st Baron FitzWalter’s son, William, and in the old books about Jane Austen, who once enjoyed walking through Goodnestone’s gardens when visiting her brother Edward, who married into the family.

Pink Rm

The Pink Room

Floral Indienne Lewis & Wood wallpaper lines the walls, with pink plush cushions adorning the settee and luxurious king-sized bed. On the wall is a reminder of the extensive history of the family and house’s inhabitants in a portrait of Eleanor Foote, wife of Sir Brook W. Bridges, 4th Baronet, painted in the early 19th century.

There is a spectacular view of the front, east-facing gardens out of the window, showcasing the extent of the grassy banks bisected by a gravel path that merges into the cricket pitch and lawns perfect for playing for croquet. The elevated en suite allows for further panoramic views of these sightly gardens, featuring a thematically pink stand-alone bath/shower.

Francis Rm

Francis's Room

This room is named after Francis Plumptre, the youngest son of the 21st Baron FitzWalter, FitzWalter Brook Plumptre. His dedication to the estate and love of the countryside is reflected in the room’s pastoral décor. Francis Plumptre is in charge of the gardens and runs the Goodnestone Park nursery, which sells plants cultivated from some of Goodnestone Park Gardens’ own varied array of floral specimens.

This room also features an en suite with a bath/shower which along with the bedroom has glorious views onto the east-facing garden. Located in a corridor lined with portraits of the family’s ancestors from as far back as the first Earl of Sussex in the Tudor period, the abundant historical complexities of the estate remain captivatingly inescapable.

Games Rm

The Games Room

The Games Room is located on the second floor of this three-storey house. A name likely reminiscent of its past as a family home, the serene grey room with dashes of vivid colours of yellow, deep purple and floral touches allude to vibrant moments of happiness in times gone by.

This room has its own en suite featuring a standalone bath/shower. Not, of course, without picturesque scenery, the altitudinous heights make for spectacular views of the east-facing gardens.

Dressing Rm

The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room is a haven of a more traditional décor, a cornucopia of historical treasures. On the wall is a black and white landscape picture of Goodnestone House and Park from 1838 that reads, ‘For the epitome of the History of Kent’, a fitting description for the glimpses into the past that the whole estate provides.

The views onto the west gardens stretching as far as the eye can see are a beautiful sight to behold. There is a bathroom for the use of this bedroom’s inhabitants on the opposite side of the corridor that it is situated on.

Robert's Rm

Robert's Room

Robert’s Room is named after Robert FitzWalter, who established the historic Norman barony of FitzWalter, becoming the first Baron FitzWalter in 1295. Accordingly, he was then called to parliament to writ as Baron FitzWalter. He was the grandson of the Robert FitzWalter who led the 25 Barons who forced King John to sign the Magna Carta.

Indeed, this room in regal shades of red and green reflect the origins of the Barony of FitzWalter.  Accessed by descending a small flight of stairs, this room has peaceful privacy without being too secluded from the rest of the house. It boasts yet more stunning views out of the window onto the gardens and also has its own en suite, with a shower.

Julian's Rm

Julian's room

This room is named after Julian Brook Plumptre, 22nd Baron FitzWalter, who inherited the title from his father after his death in 2004. Julian Plumptre manages the Goodnestone estate and was responsible for initiating and overseeing the house’s recent renovation that was completed in 2016.

There is a bathroom opposite Julian’s room for the use of this room’s inhabitants that similarly provides modernity in its Burlington-furnished decor, whilst maintaining aspects of historicity with original paintings in ornate gilded frames.

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