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Arboretum and Gravel Garden

Arboretum and Gravel Garden

A collection of trees

Two arboreta or collections of trees and shrubs, can be found within the gardens. In addition to their horticultural interest, they provide a beautiful display as their leaves take on their autumnal colours. Dotted amongst these arboreta, and elsewhere in the garden, old stately trees can be discovered, especially gnarled and characterful sweet chestnut trees.

The oldest arboretum, planted in the 1950s, is situated next to Lime Avenue. A variety of plants in this space consist of different crab apples, mountain ash, ornamental cherries and birch. Beautiful spring bulbs planted under these trees add to the stunning display.

Arboretum and Gravel Garden
Arboretum and Gravel Garden
Arboretum and Gravel Garden
Ornamental Grasses
Ornamental Grasses

To one side of this arboretum lies the gravel garden. An area created for ornamental grasses and associated herbaceous planting self-seeds itself amongst the gravel and pebbles. Towards the centre a paved area and seat have been positioned to enjoy the view towards the house and a glimpse of the park beyond.

The Golden Arboretum was planted in 2001 to celebrate Lord Fitzwalter’s parents golden anniversary and many of the trees have a beautiful golden aspect to their appearance.

Grass paths cut through both arboreta allowing grass and other native plants to grow until their late summer cut.


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