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Goodnestone Park

The Manor House

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Goodnestone Park

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Goodnestone House

The House at Goodnestone Park

The house at Goodnestone Park is a Queen Anne style mansion. It has undergone many architectural changes since it was first built in 1704 by Sir Brook Bridges. His descendants have remodelled the house throughout the years. One such descendant married an ancestor of the current Lord FitzWalter in 1756. Today, the house and estate remain in the hands of the FitzWalter family, who continue to oversee its management.

Initial Construction

The house was first constructed as a brick double-pile house, with two storeys above a basement with attic and dormer windows. It underwent significant changes in the 1770s with a third storey added, alongside stables and the coach house. The house was covered in stucco, and pediments replaced the dormer windows.

The 1850s saw the stucco removed and a Doric portico built on the West-facing side of the house that would become the new entrance. The former entrance hall became the Round Room, with this part of the house remodelled into an enfilade of three rooms.


The Latest Renovation

The house has remained a family estate throughout its time. Family members inhabited the house until its most recent renovation in 2016, led by interior designers Francesca Rowan Plowden and Marcus Crane. The renovation aimed to bring a contemporary twist to the historic property while maintaining integral aspects of its character.

Every part of the renovation was considered in great detail. It included thoughtful touches that paid homage to the house’s past and former residents. Rooms were named after former inhabitants and visitors to the house, such as the Jane Austen Room. The décor of these rooms were carefully chosen to reflect the interests of those who resided there.

FitzWalter Rm


Goodnestone Park has 12 luxurious bedrooms, sleeping up to 24. Most of these bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms, and they all have wonderful views of the surrounding gardens.


Other Rooms

Goodnestone Park has numerous stunning reception rooms, with several living rooms, a luxurious library and a magnificent dining room. These are perfect for celebrations or more relaxed moments of contemplation.

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