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Wedding Weekends at Goodnestone Park

Making the most of your weekend


Weekend weddings have become increasingly popular in the UK, offering couples a unique and memorable way to celebrate their love. Goodnestone Park is a wedding venue that surpasses expectations, offering a combination of natural beauty, luxury accommodation, and impeccable service. With its exclusive use of the mansion and mansion gardens, stunning surroundings, and attention to detail, Goodnestone Park provides the perfect setting for a weekend wedding that will be cherished for a lifetime. When you choose Goodnestone Park as your venue, you let your love story unfold amidst the enchanting beauty of this historic estate.



Millie and Jonathan

Why Choose a Weekend Wedding

Weekend weddings have captured the hearts of many couples for several reasons. Firstly, they provide an opportunity for a more relaxed and extended celebration with loved ones. Unlike traditional one-day weddings, weekend weddings allow guests to immerse themselves fully in the festivities, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. Additionally, the flexibility of a weekend wedding allows for a more personalised and customisable event, giving couples the freedom to craft their dream wedding experience.

Samantha and James get Married

What Happens at a Weekend Wedding?

A weekend wedding typically begins on a Friday, with guests arriving at the venue and settling into their accommodations which could be on site or in our nearby recommended holiday lets. This day is often reserved for a welcome dinner or cocktail reception, where everyone can gather and mingle. On Saturday, the main wedding ceremony takes place, followed by a sumptuous reception complete with delicious food, live music, and dancing. The festivities continue into Sunday, with a farewell brunch or lunch, providing one last opportunity for guests to spend quality time together before bidding farewell.
Lauren from the wedding dolls

How to plan your Wedding Weekend

Planning a weekend wedding requires careful organisation and attention to detail. The team at Goodnestone Park including our wonderful wedding coordinators The Wedding Dolls, will help you create a detailed itinerary. Craft a comprehensive schedule of events for the entire weekend, including the ceremony, reception, meals, and any additional activities or entertainment.
To ensure your guests have a comfortable stay, our wedding coordinators can organise transportation between your venues, and arrange activities to keep them entertained throughout the weekend.
We also advise to keep your guests informed by sending out save-the-dates and invitations well in advance and provide them with all the necessary details, including accommodation options, transportation arrangements, and any dress code requirements.

How to Make the Most of your Weekend Wedding

We can make your weekend wedding truly unforgettable. By incorporating unique activities such as, a local wine tasting experience, or even a yoga class.
You can engage your guests with interactive elements, like a cocktail station, lawn games, or a photo booth, to encourage mingling and create lasting memories.