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Days out in Kent for the family at Goodnestone Park and Gardens

Are you looking for parks and gardens in Kent?

Days out in Kent are complete with exploring parks and gardens, primarily as Kent is known to be the garden of England. If you enjoy the outdoors or are looking for family days out in Kent, Goodnestone Park boasts the perfect scenic and fun day in nature. Located in the heart of Kent, you can escape daily stresses and enjoy quality time with your loved ones taking in the breathtaking views and scents of nature. 

You can even delve into Kent’s famous past and visit our mansion, where Jane Austen was inspired to write her novel Pride and Prejudice and enjoy the spectacular parterre and terrace. If you want to enjoy drinks or food throughout the day, then you can enjoy our Kentish fresh brews made to order for a selection of teas, coffee or cold refreshing beverages at the Old Dairy Cafe. 

Goodnestone Park is rated four stars on TripAdvisor and is one of the most beautiful parks and gardens for family days out in Kent. Keep reading if you want to know more about our gardens, wildlife and our conservation initiatives. 

Goodnestone Park House Gardeners-130

Arboretum and Gravel Garden

The Arboretum and Gravel Garden is a wonderland for days out in Kent as old estate trees can be discovered with spring bulbs planted under the trees, which is a stunning view and adds to the atmosphere. Many other plants are in this space, including crab apples, mountain ash, ornamental cherries and birch. The golden arboretum was planted in 2001 to celebrate Lord Fitzwalter’s parents’ golden anniversary, and many trees have a beautiful golden appearance. It’s the perfect place for family days out in Kent, with stunning scenic views towards the house and the park beyond.

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The Parterre and Terrace

Days out in Kent, especially in the countryside surrounded by nature, is a getaway we all need from time to time, and the Parterre and Terrace is truly a unique view that will take you away from day-to-day stresses. The parterre view extends out over the old village cricket ground immediately below and the beautiful parkland beyond. You can enjoy reading your favourite book, walking or relaxing peacefully.


The Woodland Garden

The Woodland Garden is beautiful during all seasons of the year, and it’s a colourful spectacle as the flowers start to bloom early, with yellow aconites appearing in January with carpets of snowdrops, bluebells and wild garlic. You may also see hellebores, dog-toothed violets and trillium.

If you’re looking for family days out in Kent, then The Woodland Garden is an unforgettable day in nature. During the summer, you will see white blooms and strawberry-like fruit, a wonderful smell and sight. In winter, you will see a beautiful trail of daphnes and mahonias.

Walled Garden Goodnestone Park

The Walled Garden

There are many parks and gardens in Kent. However, the Walled Garden here in Goodnestone Park is a guest favourite. The walls feature flowers such as lichens, mosses and plants, displaying a stunning view and fragrance for visitors. Days out in Kent are only complete with seeing the Walled Garden, the display of flowers continues throughout the garden to an ornamental pond with flowering lilies, and you can also see a view of the church from the garden. The park is perfect for family days out in Kent for parents and grandparents with the kids.

Conversation and wildlife at Goodnestone Park

Conservation and Wildlife

If you want an educational element to your family days out in Kent, our gardens here in Goodnestone Park are an excellent way for kids to learn about conservation. Sustainable management is the core of how we grow and manage our gardens. We take many initiatives, such as making our composts and mulches from plant waste in the garden and the Old Dairy Cafe kitchen. We also use hay cut from nearby meadows to help protect plants, such as bananas, over the winter, and we harvest hazel and chestnut from the surrounding woods to use as plant supports. Wildlife-friendly and sustainable gardening is essential to us, so if you’re looking for parks and gardens in Kent, come and see how we manage our stunning gardens. 

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The Nursery and Sustainability

Why does using propagating techniques in parks and gardens important? Propagating is a sustainable method of taking cuttings, dividing root balls or collecting seeds to prolong the life of certain shrubs and plants. We grow and sell various plants, so if you’re looking for days out in Kent with something memorable you can take home, come and visit our nursery. Many visitors can see what the plants we sell will look like from our gardens and will have an idea of what they look like when they mature.

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Enjoy lunch and brew at the Old Dairy Cafe

After spending the day in our parks and gardens, you can relax or get a refreshing drink or snack from the Old Dairy Cafe if you’re hungry or thirsty. Our food is made with fresh local Kentish ingredients, our teas and coffees are brewed to order, and our homemade meals taste delicious.

So if you’re looking for days out in Kent, enjoy Goodnestone Park. You can find out more visitor information here

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