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Wedding couple at Goodnestone Park

What To Expect From Wedding Venues In Spring, Summer and Autumn

Changing seasons and wedding planning, here is what you need to know

The first step in wedding planning is setting a date and time for when you want to get married. You may consider many factors in this decision, such as which season or whether you want a weekend or weekday wedding. 

You will then need to find a wedding venue that can cater to your requirements in whatever season you choose to have your dream wedding. 

So what should you consider in each season with wedding venues? Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect from weddings with us in spring, summer and autumn.

Goodnestone Park in Spring

Spring Weddings

Spring is a beloved season for a destination wedding for symbolic reasons; many people associate springtime with new beginnings and romance, as it is when trees and flowers bloom. Here at Goodnestone Park, it is a time for couples to get married. Our gardens and scenic views provide a picturesque wedding setting. 

Winter is spent mostly indoors for couples and wedding guests; spring adds a magical touch to the atmosphere of wedding celebrations. Most of our flowers can be found in the woodland garden during spring, including pink and white camellias and yellow azaleas. Later in the spring, the woodland floor is covered in beautiful bluebells, hellebore and white flowers of garlic. 

Wedding Decorations at Goodnestone Park

What to Consider

Spring is truly a romantic time to choose your perfect Kent wedding venue, especially as Kent is the garden of England. We can cater to outdoor weddings, with space available in the coach house for an indoor ceremony if it rains. 

You can have the best of both worlds in our stunning estate of indoor and outdoor wedding celebrations and make the most of the refreshing spring season. 

You won’t need to worry about the weather ruining your wedding plans with our Italian-inspired timber-framed marquee (which also has heating if required), which seats 140 guests with room for entertainment. You will also be provided with a dedicated wedding planner to ensure your tailored wedding runs smoothly.

Couple walking down the isle at Goodnestone Park

Summer Weddings

Summertime is a popular time for couples to tie the knot to mark one of the biggest days of their life. No surprise, considering the weather is much brighter, giving you more options for an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony. If you’re thinking of a summer destination wedding, we are the perfect wedding venue to bring your vision to life.

Our mansion and gardens provide the perfect outdoor wedding celebrations with our beautiful scenic garden blooming with roses and wonderful scents of flowers in the summer.

Bridal Party at Goodnestone Park

What to Consider

As much as the weather is warmer and brighter, the weather can be unpredictable with heavy rain showers. Here at Goodnestone Park, our grounds cover fifteen acres. You can have an outdoor ceremony with outdoor entertainment with our breathtaking views of the Estate parkland. 

You will get an exclusive garden area for you and your wedding guests alongside our newly built botanical-themed marquee. In case the weather turns, when you plan your wedding with our dedicated wedding planner, the wedding dolls. We will prepare a weatherproof plan so you can carry on celebrating your special day with your loved ones indoors.

Wedding couple kissing outside Goodnestone Park Church

Autumn Weddings

October is a peak month for weddings and an appealing choice for couples as it offers cooler weather, making it an excellent choice for outdoor weddings as it’s not too cold or hot. Autumn also offers a spectacular and colourful setting in our wedding venue, with all the leaves falling and dahlias blooming, making your wedding picture-perfect.

Couple kissing at night in front of Goodnestone Park Mansion

What to Consider

Autumn is perfect for a destination wedding as it is not the holiday season, so you wouldn’t need to worry about your wedding date clashing with your guests’ holiday dates making it convenient. 

The other factor to consider is that it gets darker earlier. Our mansion and timber-framed marquee provide indoor and outdoor space to continue celebrations after dark.

Final thoughts

If you want a remarkable wedding that is a dream just how you envisioned it, choosing a wedding venue that provides both outdoor and indoor space is essential to ensure your schedule runs smoothly and exactly how you planned, whatever the season. Goodnestone Mansion and Gardens is a sought-after kent wedding venue as it tailors weddings flexibly while providing a dedicated wedding planner. 

Book your destination wedding venue tour and enjoy a complimentary glass of Chapel Down wine while taking in our estate’s scenic views. You may also be interested in reading more about how to plan your wedding.