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Bride and groom sharing a kiss in front of Goodnestone Park Mansion, with the historic building's elegant facade providing a romantic backdrop amidst lush greenery.

A Love Story Unveiled, A Dream Wedding at Goodnestone Park

Where history meets romance

In the heart of Kent, Goodnestone Park stands as a timeless backdrop to love stories that unfold within our enchanted walls. Join us on a journey through the captivating tale of a couple who choose our historic estate as the setting for their wedding that would become a cherished chapter in their love story.

From the moment our newly engaged brides and grooms step onto the meticulously manicured grounds of Goodnestone Park, they know they have found the perfect setting for their special days.

Goodnestone Park becomes not just a venue but a character in your love story, providing the perfect stage for a wedding that blends history, romance, and the promise of a beautiful future.

Bride and groom intimately holding hands, their fingers entwined, with the bride's bouquet of vibrant flowers in full view, symbolizing their unity and the blossoming of their new life together.

Your Ceremony

Goodnestone Park understands that each couple envisions their perfect day differently. Whether you’re dreaming of a cosy and romantic winter wedding or a grand and social summer celebration, the estate caters to your desires. Imagine exchanging vows with the gardens glistening with a frost, or envision a summer affair with blooming flowers and the soft warmth of the sun. The versatility of Goodnestone Park ensures that your wedding aligns with your vision, regardless of the season.

Goodnestone Park is also a beacon for couples seeking a wedding venue that offers not only historic charm but also the flexibility to tailor their celebration to their unique vision. Whether you opt for the “exchanging of the rings” in a civil service or the timeless tradition of “holy vows” in a traditional church setting, Goodnestone Park provides the canvas for your love story to unfold. From intimate winter weddings to grand summer affairs, this historic estate invites you to say “I do” your way, promising an unforgettable beginning to your journey of forever.



Newlywed couple sharing a tender kiss amidst a lush garden setting, with an array of blooming flowers and verdant foliage surrounding them in a secluded embrace.

Capturing Everlasting Moments

Our historic Georgian mansion is a perfect canvas to take captivating photos. Every moment will be captured in a picture-perfect frame. Goodnestone Park is ready to turn your wedding into a fairy-tale experience that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

Goodnestone Park’s gardens are a must for romance, providing endless possibilities for capturing the magic of your love story. Stroll hand-in-hand through vibrant flowerbeds, steal a kiss beneath archways, and let the secluded pathways become the backdrop for intimate moments. The enchanting beauty of the gardens ensures that all your wedding photos will be fabulous.

Newlyweds share their first dance as a married couple under the soft, ambient lighting of a marquee, with guests encircling them in a warm, celebratory atmosphere.

Dancing into Forever- A Magical First Dance at Goodnestone Park

The first dance holds significant symbolic and emotional value in your wedding ceremony, marking the commencement of the couple’s journey as partners in life. This tradition has various cultural and historical roots and has evolved over time to become a cherished ritual in many weddings.
The importance of a first dance lies in its ability to encapsulate the essence of the wedding day — love, commitment, celebration, and the joy of embarking on a lifelong journey together. It’s a beautiful tradition that adds a touch of magic to the wedding festivities.
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