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Kentish foodie favourites at the Old Dairy Cafe in Goodnestone

Savour the taste of our local cafe menu

Are you looking for a cafe in Goodnestone with delicious traditional Kentish food? Our new cafe manager Didier works alongside our head chef Chris to source top-quality local ingredients to cook for our delightful cafe menu. They create and cook our popular light bite, brunch, lunch, cakes, and drinks offerings, rated 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor. Perfect for foodies in the heart of Kent’s countryside, where you can make a day of it, taking in our breathtaking views and enjoying walks in our beautiful gardens. 

Kent is the birthplace of some of the most enjoyed dishes in the UK. Did you know the sandwich was invented in Kent? Arguably a sandwich is one of the most consumed foods globally. Its origins are no other than Kent, named after the fourth Earl of Sandwich, Lord John Montague. So how did this happen? John Montague did not want to leave the gaming table while playing cards, so he asked his servants for meat to be placed between two slices of bread so he could eat with his hands without the need to stop playing his card game. Since then, the sandwich has been named after him and loved by many cultures and foodies worldwide. 

So let’s dive into our delicious Kentish cafe menu here in Goodnestone, which includes the award-winning sourdough bread made from our starter “Kirsty” which has been used for over 20 years.

Goodnestone Park House Café-236

Meet our new Cafe Manager Didier

Didier is from the north coast of France in the bustling Boulogne-Sur-Mer, known for being one of the largest fishing ports in France. Didier moved to Canterbury in 2019, bringing a wealth of culinary and hospitality experience. Didier has three daughters, making Kent his new home. Didier will work with his team to ensure our cafe menu is delivered perfectly every time here in Goodnestone, so if you’re a foodie who enjoys traditional Kentish food, visit us in the Old Dairy Cafe. Keep reading if you want to know more about our cafe menu offerings.

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Cake and drink menu

If you’re a foodie who enjoys freshly baked cakes, our cake and drink cafe menu is perfect. Freshly baked on-site, our chefs are passionate about cooking with some of the best local produce in Kent. From the famous Kentish gypsy tart we make with muscovado sugar and evaporated milk to our chocolate hazelnut brownie crisp on the outside with a mouth-watering gooey centre. We have a tasty classic, the victoria’s sandwich filled with strawberry jam and rich vanilla buttercream.

Our cafe menu has a selection of hot and cold drinks to complement your choice from our selection of cakes. If you enjoy tea, we have selected our teas for the best quality, and it is brewed to order and tastes and smells wonderful. We have a range of teas, from classic blended teas to black teas and infusion teas. If you prefer a coffee, we offer all the classics from a cappuccino to espresso, or maybe a hot chocolate with marshmallows for the kids if you’re visiting with the family. 

We also have a selection of award-winning old dairy beers, soft drinks and sparkling wines to enjoy if you want a refreshing drink.

Goodnestone Park House Café-200

Brunch menu

Our brunch cafe menu here in Goodnestone includes one of our customers’ favourites: sourdough toast with jam or marmalade. Sourdough is a firm favourite with foodies and is much loved nationwide and in Kent. You can choose scrambled or poached eggs or smashed avocado on our sourdough toast. Our grilled smoked bacon, salmon, or classic baked beans extras will complement your sourdough toast well. 

Our cafe menu for brunch also has the option to enjoy homemade ciabatta, freshly baked every morning here in Goodnestone, after an eighteen-hour fermentation with a filling of your choice.

Old Dairy Cafe, Goodnestone Park

Lunch menu

Our lunch cafe menu serves some wholesome Kentish dishes for foodies and families with us in Goodnestone for a day out. Our locally sourced ingredients and chefs freshly cook orders from our cafe menu, letting you taste all the flavours and aromas in our dishes. Does succulent chicken, leek, white wine creamy mash, carrots and tender stem broccoli with a rich roast gravy sound good to you? We have pan-fried salmon with lemon and herb potatoes for foodies who enjoy fish. Enjoy our homemade leek and potato soup or roasted pumpkin pearl barley and vegetable risotto if you want a vegetarian option.

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Light bite menu

Our light-bite cafe menu is perfect if you want a quick delicious meal so you can spend more time exploring our stunning gardens. Our rich butter pastry gourmet sausage roll served with salad slaw, and homemade chutney is tasteful. You can enjoy our quiche of the day served with new potatoes or a range of popular toasted sandwiches made with fresh Kentish ingredients you will love.

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Sustainable Kentish bread flour

We know Kent is the birthplace of sandwiches, and the bread on our cafe menu is our award-winning sustainable nonington farm flour. Our regenerative agriculture practices ensure the flour is truly sustainable, with nature benefiting too. Twenty percent of the farm is in a conservation scheme meaning nature at Nonington is thriving. Their farm is Leaf marque accredited too. 

We use the stone ground white bread flour in all the bread we bake daily in our kitchen. Stone ground flour is highly nutritious and adds a depth of flavour to the flour, making it ideal for artisan bread making. The farm’s regenerative agriculture practices to make the flour is truly sustainable, with nature benefiting too. Twenty percent of the farm is in a conservation scheme meaning nature at Nonington is thriving, and the farm is Leaf marque accredited too.

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Our cafe is open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-4pm

If you’re looking for a cafe menu that cooks delicious traditional Kentish food with fresh local ingredients daily, visit the Old Dairy Cafe. Make a day of it and enjoy nature at its best in our gardens, and when you’re hungry, our brunch, lunch or cakes and drink cafe menu is sure to please your taste buds after a great day out. 

You can view our cafe menus to see the range of choices you may choose from.

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